Soless H Visors

Never get sunburnt while riding again!

This innovative product developed in the USA provides 92% UV protection covering all the delicate layers of skin on the face and décolletage that are easily damaged by the harsh rays of the Australian sun. The visor is made from very lightweight poly-carbonate film that doesn't block your peripheral vision, providing an unobstructed view whilst riding.  The innovative feature of clips on the back ensures it is securely attached to the helmet and doesn't go anywhere even during the high impact moments of riding.

This stylish visor can be customised with the option of gold or silver trimming and stay tuned for the rose gold that's currently in the design stage of production. Soless is already a well loved brand in the North American equestrian community and has been endorsed by celebrities and high profile figures on the Eventing and Show Jumping circuit.

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