Ecolicious Equestrian

Ecolicious Equestrian is a Canadian based company who  create eco-friendly, organic grooming supplies to pamper your horse naturally without compromising on performance. Most products on the Australian market contain toxic chemicals which you wouldn't dare use on yourself. So why would you compromise on your horse's well-being?

All Ecolicious products are made with naturally-derived organic ingredients. They are free of GMOs, nasty chemicals, parabens and silicones. Each product is biodegradable while also being packaged in recycled and recyclable plastic.

Ecolicious Equestrian achieve show-stopping results by using a unique combination of ingredients such as organic hemp, coconut, banana, avocado, silk, essential oils and plant extracts.​

With a wide range of gorgeous products, it won’t be hard to find the perfect combination to suit your horse's grooming needs.

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